Theme for 2016: Think Globally/Act Locally

Sr. Minister – Reverend Dr. Andrea Asebedo

Global Transformation Through Personal Transformation

I recently returned from an inspiring time with other CSL ministers. What inspired me was the shift in our organization as we deepen and grow together. That shift showed up at this gathering as a call to take our teachings into the world in a more dynamic and direct way. Our elected spiritual leader, Dr. Kenn Gordon, delivered a rousing speech on the first night, together in response to the violence, racial tension and social issues we are all facing. He called us to not just speak the “Truth” but to bring that truth into action.

The following day, I called together anyone wanting to talk about how we do that, how we are already doing that and what to do from here. I thought there might be 5 to 10 in attendance at this impromptu meeting – there were over 30! And every single one of us, as leaders of our Centers, were already working in our larger communities to help, to bring practical gifts (think coat drives, victory gardens, laundry love) and spiritual insights to the social justice and social issues we all face. Spiritual activism is alive and well for many of us!

So this month the theme we will be speaking to has to do with how to transform personally and then bring that transformation to the larger circle of our experience. Look for an announcement about our own sharing circle, of how to bring spiritual activism alive without losing ourselves in the process!

Thank you for all you do!

Dr. Andrea


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