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Center for Spiritual Living™ Bellingham provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

We honor all paths to God and can help you experience a personal relationship with God. When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place: we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and help bring peace and harmony to the world.

If you are searching for a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit us soon!

Theme for 2014: Start Where You Are


"With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see."
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I have been delighting in my one little, patio tomato, purchased for $1.50 in mid-July because the nursery was getting rid of all the plants that did not sell during the “growing” season. That little plant has given me such joy as I harvest tomato after tomato and savor every bite! The tomato plant and I both know that the season of its living is almost complete, which makes its fruit that much sweeter.

There is an inner harvest happening within each of us as well. Sometimes we don’t slow down enough to savor the spiritual gifts that are the result of our dedicated efforts. The evolution of consciousness is always a work-in-progress, and the need for diligent attention never leaves us on the path. Like my little tomato plant, there are seasons in consciousness and as we enter this outer harvest time, I want to remind us to take time to reflect on the evidence of growth, the blossoming of understanding and the fruit of insight that is our rightful “inner” harvest. Job well done! The fruits of your practice bless the world as well as our community.

Take time now to appreciate the sweetness of connection to the Divine happening within. Soon it will be time to dream again your next step in growth. But now, take in your harvest and be blessed by its gifts.

Dr. Andrea

Our service on October 26, 2014 - 9:30am

Start Where You Are:
Light Up Your Haunted House

Doctor Andrea Asebedo

The early service is an opportunity to attend a different kind of Service earlier on Sunday mornings. This Service is brief, just half an hour in length and will include prayer and a message and then lead into our regular fifteen-minute Sunday meditation.

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