Theme for 2017: The Year of Yes!


We are now four months into the “Year of Yes,” and if things have not started to shift and change, I guarantee that they will! Why? Because whenever we use the power of our intention and decide to invite newness by saying yes to our lives, there will be evolution; and change is the natural outcome of evolution unfolding.

Of course, change is often why people stop saying “yes” and consciously or unconsciously begin to say “no” to life instead. Change – as you know – is uncomfortable, unpredictable and unsettling. It is also vitalizing, renewing and exciting!

You may have noticed that there is a tendency for the protective part of your nature to put the brakes on any change, even change you know will help, and that there is another part of your nature that has its foot on the gas pedal, ready to take off on the adventure of you! This dynamic can actually be confusing and make us feel quite torn as we try to reconcile both parts and chart a course that is risky enough but not TOO risky and safe enough but not TOO safe.

Our Sunday talks will be exploring some of these interesting dynamics and learning how to apply spiritual principles and practices to help us in saying a hearty “YES!” to growth.

And a special note about April 16 – Sunday the 16th is also Easter Sunday in the Christian tradition. We use it during the 10:30 Service as an opportunity to participate in a beautiful ritual called “The Personal Blossoming” ceremony. We also use the teachings of Jesus to illuminate our own spiritual path. The 9:30 Service does not have the ritual and the talk will not pertain to Jesus.

Can you feel the Earth awakening?

Happy spring!

Dr. Andrea


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