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Theme for 2016: Think Globally/Act Locally

Sr. Minister Dr. Andrea Asebedo


Once upon a time, I was attending a gathering with a friend at an ashram during some sort of special festival. Everyone was very busy, scurrying here and there. People were erecting big ladders to hang garlands of beautiful flowers in the main hall, high up on the wall.  Others were cleaning every nook and cranny of the buildings. Huge quantities of delicious food were being prepared in the kitchens. The sound of chanting reverberated everywhere. As an on-looker, the sheer volume of people performing service was amazing. But what was really astonishing to me, the outsider, was that the very next day…they took it all down! All that work, all that attention – and they took it ALL down!! And this was one of my greatest lessons about what they called “seva,” which in Sanskrit means “selfless service offered to the Divine.”

Service, for most of us, is not a new concept. Most of us were raised to offer what we could to assist our neighbors, community, country and world. From donating money for aid relief to planting trees for conservation and everything in between, we KNOW service! The lesson I learned the day after the festival was more about how to offer sacred service.

There is a way of offering our sacred service that is joyous, purposeful and completely for the now. No strings attached, no expectations, nothing but a pure offering in this very moment – wow! The energy of that pure gift can lift a heart and lift the world.

We hope you will join us for a series of inspiring talks on Sunday mornings – and perhaps take one of the many classes being offered this year!

Dr. Andrea


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