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Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is part of the larger “Leadership Team” that includes our prayer practitioners, ministerial and administrative staff. The Board is comprised of members of our spiritual community who bring their special skills and talents in service to the larger circle of our Center. They serve as servant leaders in working with the large group of volunteers who assist us in every facet of our organization.

Trustees are elected for a three-year term; two to three Board members are elected annually by the membership. The Board is committed to comprehensive, timely and open communication with the congregation.

To contact any or all of the Board members, please e-mail info@csl-bellingham.org, phone (360) 734-4160, or send mail to 2224 Yew Street Road, Bellingham, WA 98229.

Meet our Board of Trustees

President – Dr. Andrea Asebedo
Dr. Andrea is fond of saying that the Board and the Prayer Practitioners are two wings of the beautiful bird of the Center and we need both for the Center to fly straight and true. She brings over 30 years of Board experience to her role.

Vice-President – Phillip Flores
Phillip brings a wealth of knowledge from his professional life and his skills as a communicator to his role on the Board. He is currently the liaison for both our Sound/Music team and the Marketing team.

Secretary – Francine Kitchen
Francine combines a gift for technology with a heart as big as the whole world. This helps her keep everyone in line with accurate minutes of our meetings. Francine also serves as the liaison for our Community Outreach team which serves our larger community and its needs.

Treasurer – Sandy Zeitel
Sandy serves the Board and our larger community by working closely with the Finance and administrative team to ensure our financial house is running smoothly. As an experienced bookkeeper, Sandy brings her expertise to our budgeting and goal-setting endeavors.

Andrea Wood
A CPA in her professional life, Andrea brings her deep spirituality as well as practical knowledge to our Board. Andrea also leads the Coffee Connections team on Sundays following Services.

Susan Given-Seymour
Susan brings years of practice in co-creating programs to our Center. She currently heads up our main fundraising efforts through the umbrella of our Events team.

Susan Jancic
Susan brings her amazing talents to several teams which utilize her skills in administration and grant-writing, as well as her love of beauty. She is the liaison for the Usher/Greeter team, the Beautification team and writes grants for our Community outreach, Laundry Love.

Clark Champion

Clark is the leader for the Renovation/Maintenance team and brings his many skills as a contractor and business manager to his team. This team works diligently to care for our campus and the many moving parts that support the community.


Adjunct Board Members – we encourage those interested in Board service to sit with the Board for a year before being elected so they get familiar with the ways we serve. We currently have two delightful adjunct members.

Deb Dole
A gifted artist and musician, Deb recently joined the Board as one of our “Adjuncts.” She is serving as liaison to one of the largest teams at the Center, the “Sound/Music” team.

Wanda Maddox
Wanda brings her considerable talents for organization and connection to our Board as an “Adjunct.” She is love in action!