The Cherokee Dance of Life: Moving Meditation of the Four Directions

The Tslagi (or Tsalagi) is a Sacred Cherokee Dance of Alignment Balance and Prayer, offered at the Center for Spiritual Living Bellingham on Tuesday mornings from 7:00am to 7:45am.  You are welcome to drop in and join us on any Tuesday.  This First Nations meditation will be held outside in fair weather.

In this dance we move energy, which is a tool for connecting ourselves with all the powers of the Universe.  The movement that Joe shares is in the same energetic as Tai Chi.

You can watchTslagi on this 4 minute YouTube video:


Organizer: Joe Asebedo
360 306 7149

I am a retired High School Math and Science teacher long fascinated by the growing scientific research that indicates that brain plasticity including memory function, physiological regulation and stabilization is not something that stops developing at a certain age but is available for enhancement at any age! I have experienced the value of long term relationships and how they promote a healthy and happy life. My interest in music and poetry has become a means to co-create community and assist me in expressing the sacred nature of life. I find joy in weaving the story of my life experience with those of us wanting to explore our healing journey together in these fantastic and dynamic times of human development.