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Events at Our Center

Our community offers an amazing array of different events designed to feed your soul, open your mind and lift your spirits. We have annual favorites that you may like to attend. Here is the short list:


The Mind, Body, Spirit Fair – a gathering of healers, non-profit organizations that promote healing as well as many creative individuals with handmade gifts, specialty items and supportive products for your whole expression. The Fair includes psychics, tarot readers, massage therapists, energy healers, and so many more! The Fair takes place in the latter part of July every year.

The Day of Healing – A balm for the spirit, our “Day of Healing” is a once-a-year gathering of healers who come together to provide you with four styles of healing in a peaceful circuit of experience. The entire experience is held in a peaceful, serene and supportive environment. This event is held sometime in February.

Gourmets for Good – This event is actually a whole bunch of smaller events that are the best and merriest way we have to connect. Volunteer “chefs” donate a creative gathering for between 4-20 people; participants “bid” for a place at the gathering; the top bidders win. Then everyone has a terrific experience getting to know each other better. Bidding takes place in March/April.

These events – and so many more throughout the year – help us connect with one another and celebrate community. Sign up for our quarterly event postcard to receive a full listing of all the events, classes and workshops being offered throughout the year. We hope you will join us!