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Affirmative Prayers to Lift You Up and Move You Forward

You hold the power of affirmative prayer in your hands. We invite you to use these prayers to uplift your spirit, clarify your mind and accept a greater good for your own life and others. Affirmative prayer can be done anywhere and at any time. We recommend spending time at least once a day with one of the prayers, saying it, thinking about it and making it true in your own mind and heart.

— The loving Practitioners of CSL Bellingham 

If you would like a personal prayer targeted specifically on the issue you are working with, contact one of our licensed Practitioners for a 45-minute prayer session. You can find our Practitioner listing online at: csl-bellingham.org/our-practitioners

Seeds of Truth

Everything is first the seed of an idea in Spirit, and holds the fullness of potential.  Spirit still holds the idea of me in the perfect truth that only Spirit can know.  I now claim that truth, knowing that each moment, I am whole, sacred and worthy of all that is good in my life.  As I move through each experience, I sow seeds of truth all around me and tend them with love.  I listen for the wisdom of Spirit as I walk a path of truth and integrity, knowing that perfect light shines on every idea I plant. 

With gratitude, I plant this prayer as a seed in Spirit, knowing that it, too, will grow.  I give thanks for the constant work of Spirit in my life. And so it is. 

– Ace Szymanski, RScP
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Brave Heart

Spirit is forever creating and re-creating, giving freely of the Divine Self in each moment.  I myself am one such manifestation of Spirit.  All of my being is perfectly alive in the Divine flow.  I choose now to release any fear that stands in the way of my sacred becoming.  In its place, I claim the strength and wisdom of Spirit within me.  With a heart that is brave and true, I step into the role of co-creator for my life.  Opportunities await my exploration.  Love beckons me forward.  I choose my highest and greatest good with gratitude for the gifts they offer and the blessings that surround me.  With thanksgiving and confidence, I release these words into the creative action of Spirit, manifesting in my life right now.  And so it is.

– Rev. Erin Marie Szymanski
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Agents of Creation

Agents of creation: that’s you and I. Some great nagging idea begins to dog us. Insistent little fellow. An idea for betterment, expansion, enrichment. Eventually we listen and respond, and find ourselves wonderfully assisted.

Everything on these lands we share of “man’s” invention was first a passing thought then became visible. Whose passing thought was it? We believe God to be ever-expanding, always creating, by way of human beings. Be the tool you were meant to be. The tool for good, that is.

Under one planetary sky, we share our kinship in Spirit. As we are all from Spirit, we are also still parts of Spirit Itself. We can call upon it. Sometimes it calls upon us by means of new thoughts and ideas. We welcome divine inspiration. We make room to hear it by our quiet times. We know it when we hear it, as new thought, kind-natured, beneficial to many. And not busy-based or ego- worried.

It is a gentle, but revelatory, new track, clearly full of promise. We understand that God creates through us. Joyfully we acknowledge the partnership and bless the new directions. We, with Spirit, are Agents of Creation.

Thank you, God.  I accept my part. And so It Is.

– Jacqui MacConnell, RScP Emeritus
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Daring Greatly

At this time of transformation, rebirth and new growth, I am reminded there is only One. I look around; I listen within. I find It everywhere. That One Energy finds Joy in everything. I am one with that Life, that Joy, that exhilaration to Live more fully in each and every moment.

It is my nature to grow and thrive for that is the nature of Spirit. It knows nothing less. Flowers break through the shell of their bulbs, chicks crack their eggs, and butterflies leave the cocoon. All enter totally new stages of life. It is my turn too. My life is not governed by seeds or cells.

I have the power of choice. I choose to live a life in which I share my talents with passion and serve with Joy. I choose now to break through old patterns, and let go of old habits. I listen to, watch for and act upon those nudges of Spirit. I declare my willingness to stretch my comfort zone. I choose to thrive not merely survive.  I release the what ifs and choose to live a code of what IS.  Spirit only says YES. It knows no limitations. I embrace this Truth.

I am grateful that my thoughts and choices allow me to live a life that I LOVE. I release these words into the medium of Spirit, knowing all is done. Right here. Right now. And so it is.

– Kit Zinn, RScP
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The Generosity Paradigm

We live in an Abundant Universe that operates on the premise that each of us is a single point of Creation. Furthermore, the Law of Circulation is always in effect: What we give, we receive – in equal measure, but not necessarily the same content, the same “stuff.” So please join me in knowing that there is only One Divine Presence, one Infinite Being of wonder and joy that freely says “YES” to our creation requests. Not only are our thoughts and feelings requests for creation, but so are our actions. Each generous action we express delivers wonder and joy from our hearts to others and produces a conduit for the Infinite and Generous Spirit to send more to each of us. Grateful for knowing this, grateful for sharing this and grateful for receiving this, I release this Treatment into The Creative Medium, knowing that it is so. And so it is!!

– Kalish Leviel, RScP
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Living Beautifully

I live in a Universe of Love and Intelligence. Every particle of being is charged with this essence. That vast Intelligence and Love–what I call the Divine Mystery–is alive in me. My life, and everything in it, are the result of my participation with the Mystery. I am intimately bound to Its nature and It to me. I am moving with Intelligence in everything I create – and it is beautiful. I infuse every creation of mine with Love – and it is beautiful. Unmoved by outer circumstances, I create and live my life from the deepest place of my connection to the Divine. I live my truth and it is beautiful.

I am grateful for this life and my deep connection to Mystery. And so I let it be, now and always.

– Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo
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The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

I know that I am surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence which reacts to my thoughts according to Law. This Intelligence, this Spirit, operates through me, as me.

I claim a deeper realization of this consciousness, this indwelling Spirit, now. I choose active right thinking, turning my mind, my thoughts to embody happy, healthy, wholesome ideas of life, vitality and Joy. I practice this mental life so that a more wholesome manifestation of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects externalizes Now! I know that I am the perfect template of Spirit. There is only Wholeness, perfect Order and Balance in Spirit. I am that whole, perfect and complete being. As I think, I envelop my thoughts in the feelings of my choosing. I transmit these thoughts and feelings into action. I take the action that allows these thoughts and feelings to manifest to create the life I love living. I know that my thoughts are ideas of Spirit, manifesting in my mind. I use the power of discernment to choose the best ideas and allow them to express for my highest and best. I accept and allow this process of Mind expressing through my mind to manifest.

In gratitude, I am thankful for this process of Mind expressing through my mind, co-creating perfect health in all aspects of my being. I know this is the indwelling Spirit, the I Am!

I release these words into the Creative Medium and they are So!

And So It Is.

– Joanne Allison, RScP
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The ever-expanding, thriving and creative Oneness is forever and ever creating form out of Itself. There is no other One but the One. Therefore everything I am is an expression of the One and contains all of the attributes of the One. Oneness in me, as me, is me. I am a thriving, powerful, creative being. I dwell in the consciousness of the One Life. The Light of Truth shining in me and out of me constantly energizes me. This Light shows me the way to make a difference in my world. I boldly and enthusiastically live my life as a thriving, healthy and creative force for Good. I awaken to each day seeing pure beauty and joy as me, as you and as the world at large. For this thriving life I am so grateful. I release this prayer knowing that it is so, and so it is. 

Rev. Colleen MacGilchrist, Minister Emeritus

The Heart of Change

The Universal Energy of Creation flows through all things. It is the Love and the Joy from which all Life is born. The divine Power of Spirit is ever present and ever changing. It is the center of my being, the source of my life, and the seat of my power. I am in harmony with the natural flow of creation. I align myself with Spirit and open my heart to the Oneness of all Life. As this Power flows through me, I feel my connection to all things. I feel the presence of God in the world around me, even as I feel that presence in my own soul. I know that the nature of Life is change. The weather changes, the seasons change, and I change. There are changes to my physical body, my mental state and my emotional self.  I know that these changes are not permanent. They are stepping stones in the path I am creating. As these things change, I can choose to accept them and continue moving forward, or I can decline the new state, knowing my thoughts create my reality and that by making this choice I direct the change. I am on this spiritual journey because my heart calls for a change. I embrace my heart’s desire. I call it forth in Mind, beginning the change in the physical realm. I am so grateful for the constant state of change that enables me to create my Self, and for the ability to welcome that change. I release these words into the Law, knowing that they are so. And so it is.

– Katherine W., RScP
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The Gifts of Imperfection

The Light and Energy of Spirit is everywhere present. It is in me and I am in it. Knowing this, fills me with a great sense of freedom and joy. I am connected to All That Is, to the vast cosmic Intelligence of the Universe, nothing less! There are no limitations. The past has no power in this present moment, except to inform me and to inspire me into right thinking and right action now. The next right step comes easily and naturally, for I am aligned with Spirit and in the flow. I release all fears, resentments and judgments. I forgive myself and others and move on, opening my heart and my mind to the Truth:  that I am a spiritual being given an extraordinary opportunity to live this human life. I am up to it! I have the courage and compassion to be my authentic self, a one-of-a-kind expression of the Divine–learning, loving, changing, serving, evolving. Grateful for this moment and for all the unfolding possibilities, I let go and I allow.

And so it is.

– Heidi Ruth Dittrich, RScP
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Knowing there is One Source, I know this Source offers an endless supply and continuous flow of the All Good. This Source of Good is at the very core of all there is, the genesis of Love, Creativity, Abundance and Joy. In knowing my connection to the All Good, this Oneness, I step forward in manifesting and celebrating a vibrant life. I fully open to, accept, embrace and claim the Good in the Universe that is already there for me. It is a grateful heart that offers an opening for greater love to pour in. Gratitude powers my giving and receiving, and it is the heart that moves the Law of Circulation into fantastic action. Just as Spirit gives itself freely and lovingly, I mirror the Divine as I share my Big Love in the world. I give and share Love freely and I gratefully receive the Good of the Universe. I am so grateful for all that I am, all that I have, and for the consciousness of knowing that this is the Truth of my being. I graciously share my gifts, I gratefully receive my Good, and cast a wide smile upon the day. And so it is. 

– Ronna Biggs, RScP
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A Year of Living Generously

What a wonderful experience this past year has been. We began by planting our Seeds of Truth. And as we planted each of our Seeds of Truth, we got to know that each seed was a gift; a gift from our Infinite Source, asking us to go deeper and deeper into that Truth; asking us to know ourselves based not on what we do or have, but rather to know that we are the place where the Infinite shows up. We have been given the gift of knowing that we are the conduits of generosity. We have moved from “giving to get” to “giving so that we serve.” Our giving has moved from the place of “just enough” to that place of being the generosity of the Infinite.  We know that the Divine Spirit that is right at the center of our being uses us to put generosity into place, in our own lives, in our community and everywhere we go on this beautiful Earth. We have all been blessed many times over by our giving and receiving generously in this past year, and our journey has been blessed by what we have achieved together. We are blessed by knowing that we have always been more than enough. We are generosity at its finest and its best. We are so very grateful to know that this is so. And so it is.

– Terrie Dupuis, RScP (Practitioner Emeritus)
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The Adventure Begins!

All of Life is a perfect expression of The Divine! I surrender to Spirit’s flow, awake and aware of new doors and opportunities – new ways to express. I eagerly follow Spirit’s lead. One with All, I meet the adventures of each day with joy and a heart overflowing in love. I say “yes!” with each step and every breath. My intentional choices create a deeper experience of the Sacred in every moment. With each “yes!” I also say “thank you!” for all the beauty that surrounds and embraces me. I am grateful for each new opportunity and celebrate the adventure. And so it is!

– Ace Szymanski, RScP
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The Namasté Principle

I know that I am so blessed, so very, very blessed in this moment to know that I am the full expression of the Divine – the Divine that is Light, the Divine that is Love, the Divine that is Beauty and the Divine that is Peace. I know that in this place of Truth, where there are no opposites and nothing can or must be added to me or you, my thinking is clear. My questions have answers. I know what I need to know. There is a wonderful, peaceful Presence within me, and I live each day from and as that peaceful Presence. I know that each one of us is an individualized expression of the Infinite One that is Omnipresence and I honor this Omnipresence in myself and I honor It in all of you. As we go about our day sharing this Light, Love and Beauty with all who come into our awareness, we know that we are ready to live a life that is full of all that we want and more. We know that we are all supported by the Divine Presence within us, a Presence that has always been with us since our birth. Today we say yes to this Love, Light andBeauty that is gifted to us each and every moment of every day. We see that Love of the Divine everywhere we go, and we see it in all things. We are so grateful to know and live this Truth. Namasté.

– Terrie Dupuis, RScP (Practitioner Emeritus)
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In this season of birth and rebirth, every view of the world reminds me to look within. There is only one Life expressing, creating a growing edge in me, through me and as me. It is never stagnant. Being one with this Life, I am free to transform from one perfection into another. This is the natural order for my life. I remain present in every moment. I realize that “becoming” is not a place I arrive but who I am in Spirit. I am a pioneer of my dreams, empowered to say YES to my unique and unfolding path. I trust and know in my becoming and love the journey. With a grateful heart and an expectation of great good, I release this word knowing it is done! And so it is.

– Kit Zinn, RScP
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Change Is Good, Right?

Fully present, fully grounded, I allow my fierce and powerful spiritual warrior self to rise up and fill me and move in me. This power and this energy is the living Spirit of the Divine. It is in me, acting as me. I stand tall in this presence, recognizing my wholeness and my strength and my connection to all people and all of life. I embrace the movement and the transformation and the inspiration in me that is God-in-action. I recognize that change happens; there is a natural ebb and flow; there is a time when the old must go to allow space for the new. I allow. Knowing that I am always fully supported and guided by the living Presence of Spirit, I relax and I open to the flow.

The patience and the strength and the ease of motion that is always available is mine now. I release the temptation to stay in old patterns, no matter how familiar or how comforting they may appear. The higher power of Spirit fills me and calls to me. I am awake. The vast cosmic Intelligence that is God is flowing through and in my life and in me now. There is no need to trouble myself with attempting to control the process, for Universal Mind knows no limitations, is always creating and evolving and has definitely got it covered!

Knowing this fills me with a deep gratitude and a wonderful feeling of freedom and joy. All is well. I integrate the shifting and transforming into my greater being, stepping more fully into my own greater wisdom. I let go and let God.And so it is.

– Heidi Ruth Dittrich, RScP
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The Golden Vein

In the month of May, how we love it. Everything returning to abundance and show. Flowers, grasses, colors, scents. It is the thrust of return and regrowth. We are one with the One in this life. There is a pattern for health, productivity, restoration and beauty. It moves through us, and it reminds us, all around us.

The drive is toward more. Creativity, if you will. Let us listen to the quiet, productive urges toward something new, better, fun or gorgeous. How outlandish? No, just the Divine doing what it does: making more of Itself, by way of us. You are an important grain of the Us.

We are supported this minute, now, in the expansion of our community by way of our inspirations. We take action on that which quietly and radiantly occurs to us. We hear and honor the thought, begin the action.

We are supported in remarkable ways.  This is how It works. And we know it, and release it as done.

Lucky us, to know the steps. Lucky world to see more fun, help and beauty.

Thank you, Good Order, for bringing it so quickly forward. We live and move
and have our being in kind and powerful You. And so it IS.

– Jacqui MacConnell, RScP Emeritus
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Intentional Integrity

In All that is, there is only the One; One Divine Intelligence, One God, One Spirit, One Higher Power – the One that is known by many, many names. There is no place where the One is not, and there is no place where the One is less than Whole, Complete and Perfect. 

I connect in consciousness to the One, knowing that I am the attributes of Love, Peace, Power, Beauty, Life, Light and Joy, as are you. The One is in everything and everybody to precisely the same degree.

Today I align my thoughts and my actions with this Wholeness that lacks no essential quality. I center in the integrity of the Principles and Universal Laws which are only Good. This Oneness back of all things is only harmony and love. There is no room for fear, doubt, calamity or despair in Spirit. They can only come from my misguided thinking.

Today I release these thoughts that do not serve me or the world, and reset my internal guidance system to recalculate to Spirit, the One.

Consciously, I allow this gradual unfoldment of my inner self to be in integrity with the One.

As I place these thoughts into the Creative Medium with Gratitude, I know they are manifest as I realize the One in my life.  And So It Is.

– Joanne Allison, RScP
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Arrows of Truth

There is only one Infinite Intelligence through which all things are created. It is the essence of life and love, joy and peace. It is the divine nature of all beings, and we are created of it. As a child of Intelligence, I carry this essence at my very core. Life and love, joy and peace are mine. My natural state is harmony and balance. I know that this is the truth of my being. Every thought that I think reflects Divine Intelligence. I spread love and joy with every action. I live a life of truth. I know the truth of myself, and what is true for me is true for every being created through the Intelligence of life. I see the divine truth reflected in the eyes of all whom I meet, and I reflect their truth back to them. Through this truth I embrace the birthright offered by Infinite Intelligence. Through this truth the world expands, blossoming with love and joy. I am thankful for the life that I have been given and the joy that I share. I am thankful for the truth that resonates in my being. I release these words into the Law, knowing that they are so. And so it is.

– Katherine W., RScP
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Compassion & Kindness

The Infinite One, the Grand Divine Presence that operates in, around and through all of us is all there is. From the beginning of time to the end of time, from the center of it all to the circumference of it all, there is only One – One omnipotent, omniscient, everywhere present Being that says “YES” to all of our creations. As I look at others, I see their Divinity, their Wonder, their Infinite Soul and feel compassion and love for them and their courageous circumstances. Kindness naturally and effortlessly arises within my heart, and I offer my Love and appreciation for their very Essence, knowing that they are an Awesome Gift to our planet and to our lives. Filled with gratitude and appreciation, I release these words, knowing that this is so. And so it is! Amen.

– Kalish Leviel, RScP
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Yes to Life

There is only One – One Source, One Life, One Light, One beautiful creative Life Force that is everywhere present. It is the Life flow in all the waters, all the animals, all the mammals. It is the Life flow in the Earth herself, in the galaxy and in all the cosmos. And this same Life energy is in me. It is in every cell of my body. It is in the air I breathe and the water I drink. It is all around me and throughout me. The Life force is flowing through me right now. And as this vast and ever-present Life moves in my life, I simply  allow it to be. I step aside and allow Life to give me its gift. I freely accept this gift as my own. I am open to the creative process that is unfolding as my Life, and I know how to hear Spirit. I know how to open myself to greater flow, greater ideas; and I say YES to these ideas and to the flow of Life – the Life that is my life. I am grateful for this Life, I am grateful for YES, and I am grateful for knowing the deep connection with Creation is innate; it is effortless, it is naturally who I am. And for this I give thanks. Knowing I am Creative Expression, I say YES and open my arms wide and shout I am willing to live my Life! I let it go, I let God. And so it is.

– Vickie Seward, RScP (Retired)

Yes to Love

I know there is One Divine Source. It is Creative with all my thoughts.  As I have more thoughts, they gather together and form a creation in Source.  This form is from the pure essence of who I am. My creativity is expressed. I experience the Joy, Beauty and Love in the Divine expression of Creativity.  I am It, and It is Me.

I apply this knowing to what I want in my life.  What I want shows up. All is good and very good in my world. I am so Blessed and Grateful for this Divine Creativity. I freely let it go and know the manifestation is done in Divine Mind, therefore in my world.  And so it is. 

– Shila Moa, RScP (Retired)

Yes to Abundance!

Spirit is constantly creating.  From Divine idea to Divine expression, every moment is brimming with the abundance of Spirit.  This creative force flows through me now, filling my whole being. I am open to receive. The boundaries I had placed on myself now disintegrate. The limits I had believed in have no place in the Truth. Any sense of lack is refuted in the powerful flow of Divine abundance within me.

Knowing the truth of Spirit and the truth of myself as Divine creation, I say “Yes!” to this abundance! I claim all this is my good. I accept every blessing in my path, and I open ever wider as a channel of the Divine flow.

My heart is full of appreciation. My soul sings in gratitude. From this place of deep thanksgiving, I give from my abundance, offering myself into the flow of Spirit, and releasing this prayer into the Divine unfolding. And so it is!

– Rev. Erin Marie Szymanski
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My Year of Yes

There is one source of Good in the Universe from which all Life flows. The Divine is a creative source that constantly manifests in Perfection and says “yes” to Life, Love, Beauty, Peace, Power, Light and Joy.

As I know this is what Spirit is, I know my oneness with that Spirit. I am Goodness, Love, Beauty and Perfection; It is me, and I am It. We are One.

I know that the Truth of my life is that my life is made up of my “yeses” and that the creativity of Spirit is reflected in me and is dancing in my heart right now. All the infinite ways of creating, revealing, discovering, giving and receiving my Good are available to me right now.  I open to these possibilities revealing themselves to me. I move into awareness that every moment is a “yes,” and every moment offers a new opportunity to ask, “What will I say ‘yes’ to now?”  I say “yes” to Peace, to Beauty, to Life, to Love, to Abundance, and to Joy. I stand grounded in the strength and power of the Divine, clear in vision of the Good I have to give and the Good I open to receive.  I say “yes” to that which honors my highest and best Good, and lets in the Light.

Thank you, Sweet Spirit, for my Good Life, given to me freely and lovingly. I am so grateful that every year, every day, every moment offers itself as a creative possibility for lifting higher. The moment of “yes” offers itself now. And so it is.

– Ronna Biggs, RScP
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