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Sunday, June 26, 2022 at the 10:30AM Celebration Service

Preschool – This program with ages 18 months – 4 years will be in the Center Office and starts a bit early at 10:15 to allow parents to drop off their children before finding a seat in the Sanctuary.

Elementary – This program is entitled “Mindfulness & Nature” and is an almost entirely outdoor program for ages 5-10 years. The focus is on connecting children with nature and the interconnection of all life, while having an hour away from technology and just plain having fun! We invite children to dress appropriately for the weather and meet inside the Sanctuary at 10:30 before heading out with their teachers for a fun hour together.

Tweens – This group (ages 11-13) will be participating in Jane Goodall’s “Roots & Shoots” program, working together to help the planet locally in a project-based format. In addition, their main advisor, Joe Asebedo, will be inviting them into the sacred through rhythm with percussion instruments from time to time.

And what about Teens? We are also beginning a virtual teen group that meets up on the Discord platform on Sundays from Noon-1:00 PM. For information on our teen program, contact Kat Wingerter at teenprogram@csl-bellingham.org

Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo

Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo

August Minister’s Message: The Wisdom Pattern

“Healthy religion gives us a foundational sense of awe. It re-enchants an otherwise empty universe. It gives people a universal reverence toward all things. Only with such reverence do we find confidence and coherence. Only then does the world become a safe home. Then we can see the reflection of the divine image in the human, in the animal, in the entire natural world—which has now become inherently “supernatural.” That is the paradox, and all dualistic language will henceforth fail us.”

― Richard Rohr OFM, The Wisdom Pattern: Order, Chaos, Reorder

One of the early metaphysical teachers, H.E. Cady, echoes Friar Richard Rohr’s quote in her writings. Indeed, she coined the phrase “chemicalization” in her writings “Lessons in Truth” to identify a necessary part of transformation that Rohr refers to as “chaos.” Later editors of her work deleted that chapter, perhaps fearing that people would abandon the lessons out of fear!

I believe we are in a time of chaos/chemicalization, and it actually does generate fear in many. As a spiritual person, I prefer to trust that the wisdom pattern of Divine Intelligence, which permeates everything and everyone, is transforming all of us into a global society prepared to address the many challenges that threaten our globe and our existence. As I write, I have an overwhelming sense that a “foundational awe” is exactly the antidote to the fear that grips so many.

That awe is experienced and enhanced by our willingness to slow down the mind and body and become very, very present. Present with our loved ones, present with the natural world, present in all of our activities. All month we’re going to be speaking about the practices and principles that allow us to feel awe and the miracle of life.

I hope you’ll join us!

Dr. Andrea

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Our Core Values Statement

We believe that Spirit operates in, through and as, all things; therefore, our community holds these three core values.