Hello from Dr. Andrea!

The “Be the Change” creation team is hoping that, if you are part of a weekly group, your group would be willing to bring to our next Spiritual Circle (Sunday, February 19) a jointly-crafted expression of how the program has helped, inspired or gifted you. This could be a poem, an art piece, written word – anything that you can share with all of us about your experience.

If you are NOT part of a group, please feel free to send me something, too! My email is  I will print what you send and display it with all the other offerings. Plus I will take a picture, showing what we all have shared, and post it on the CSL Facebook page as well as the website.

Many, many blessings to you!

Dr. Andrea

The questions below are from Michael McClun, a fellow “Be The Change” participant, and are great for group discussion on creating the jointly-crafted expression for our last spiritual circle.

  1. What change do I want to see in the world?
  2. How do I “be the change?”
  3. What effect has the ninety-day program had on my (a) changing, (b) self-awareness, (c) sense of affecting  and/or interacting with the world?
  4. What effect has the group had on my “being the change” and imagining or realizing change in the world?
  5. Have I changed at all since embarking on this experience?
  6. What actions will I take to create, participate in, and realize change in the world?
  7. What do I do, what do we do, after the ninety-day experience in terms of support, growth and commitment to change?