meditation3Jan 5 to March 9 – An 8-week class designed to help you incorporate mindfulness, meditation and attention in a powerful way.Monday evenings starting January 5 with licensed Practitioner Ronna Biggs. Ronna has a wonderful series planned that will change the way you see yourself and interact with your world, open your mind and heart to insight and tune-up your awareness! Monday evenings for eight weeks from Jan 5 to March 9.

Class Instructor

Andrea-Asebedo-homepageRonna Biggs has been a practitioner since December 2012. She received her training from Dr. Jaine Ryder and Dr. Andrea Asebedo in Bellingham, Washington. One of the things she loves best about being a practitioner is exploring and honoring the many ways Divine Creativity unfolds the right and perfect path for each of us. She gladly offers her practitioner services to you so that Divine Light illuminates each person’s path and reveals the Abundant Good available to you and me! Phone: 360-927-4957